Saturday, October 9, 2010

CVS Trips, October 5&7, 2010

It was a rather uneventful week for me at CVS.  I was pleased that it was a great GIVE AWAY week though.  I did get some fun socks for me...and some for my friends!!  I also got a lot of erasers and magnets on clearance (for .25!!) to give to Benjamin's teacher for her classroom treasure box!  So, I guess it was a week for giveaways!!  I'm happy with that!!

I made 2 trips this week.  I went to the CVS on Gilmer in hopes of redeeming my rain check for the Oral-B Vitality toothbrushes.  No luck.  Anyway, here's what I got:

Trip 1:

 2 pairs of Halloween socks (The card scanner/coupon printer is printing out $5 off of any Halloween purchase.  These socks are 2/$5.  Yay for FREE, fun socks!)
3 Candy Bars (one got lost in my mouth somewhere between the store, the errands, and the house!!)

Trip 2:

 2 more pairs of Halloween Socks (it printed ANOTHER $5 coupon!!  Yay!)
8 packages fun erasers (clearanced for .25)
2 packages magnets (clearanced for .25)
1 package mechanical pencils (clearanced for .25)

Regular price: $25.62
I paid:  $3.52

I didn't even use any ECBs this week.  Nice.  More for next week!

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