Wednesday, October 13, 2010

For Kids: Free Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook and Jar of Slime!

Yay!!  Something cool for the kids.  I know that my boy will love a jar of slime.  Anything that grosses Mom out scores high points in his book.  I singed up for it.  Clearly, I'm a crazy lady!! 

Go here to get your free Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook and Official Slime Jar! 

Let the sliming begin!!


  1. I totally loved the finger up the nose pose of the boy on the website. They so know their stuff! They need to have a Zachary and James story to go along with their picture. I'm basically leaving a comment because it's fun when people leave comments.

  2. I'm sure that Benjamin will love it. Ick!! You should take pictures of the things your boys do and submit it to them. Suggest being their mascot!! LOL!!!

  3. It would have to be a series to get the shot of James collecting his snot and then sticking his finger in Zachary's mouth. Wow!