Sunday, November 7, 2010

Super 1: Ziploc Vacuum Bag Moneymaker!!

Disclaimer:  This particular Super 1 tends to have cashiers that are very hostile towards couponers!  My cashier did not like that I was getting these for .25, and was especially upset when I got money back.  If this happens to you, I encourage you to still be polite to your cashier.  Remember....things are NOT more important than people!  I have not checked the other Super 1 stores in town, but you may want to do that first if you live on the other side of town. They usually all have very similar clearance items.  **EDIT:  The Super 1 on Hwy. 80 does not have them.**

I was at Super 1 (High and Birdsong) this weekend, and I noticed that they had their Ziploc Vacuum Bag Starter Kits on the clearance rack by the frozen goods.  They kits were priced at $1.25!  You should have a coupon for $1/1 Ziploc Vacuum Starter Kits.  I thought that .25 was a great price.  I bought 3 and used 2 of the Starter Kit coupons and one .55/1 Any Ziploc Bags.

When I checked out, the register printed me two $1.25 Catalinas!!  Now, I'm not sure why I got two of them.  I've tried looking it up.  It seems as though it is correct to print out one though.    This is one of those times where I freely admit that I'm not sure what happened.  **EDIT:  I think it was just a fluke.  Someone before me must have bought some and was not aware that the coupon printed.  I must have gotten theirs.  I went today and purchased 3 at once, and I still only got (1) $1.25 coupon**  Anyway.....Your transaction should work like this:

Buy 2 Ziploc Vacuum Bag Starter Kits ($1.25 each)
Use (2) $1/1 Ziploc Vacuum Bag Starter Kit coupons
Pay .50 OOP, Receive $1.25 catalina (good for your next order)
Total:  FREE plus .75 overage (possibly more if it prints out two)

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