Sunday, November 7, 2010

WalMart: 90% off ALL Halloween!!!!

Get yourself over to Wal-Mart right now!  everything Halloween related is 90% off.  This includes things like cupcake liners, cookie cutters, costumes, candy, etc.  I went to the one on Estes and picked up the following:

12 Darth Vader costumes (he's always in style!!)
1 Super Mario Brothers, Mario costume
2 Pirate Baby costmes (girl, 4T)
1 Candy Corn costume
1 Buzz Lightyear costume
2 Fairy costumes
8 pairs of boys Halloween underwear (no one sees them!!  4 not pictured)
2 Wilton Holiday sugar mixes
3 Wilton orange sugar crystals

Regular Price:  $412.70
I paid:  $43.24

Now, what will I do with 12 Darth Vader costumes?  I could outfit an entire army from the Dark Side.  While that is interesting, I confess that I will do something a bit more money-minded.  I intend to hold on to them and then sell them around Halloween next year.  Last year I bought an Optimus Prime costume for Benjamin, and it turned out that he didn't like it.  I put it. on eBay and hoped that I could make my $2 back.  Someone bought it for $11!!  Nice.  So, we'll see.....

It may turn out that Benjamin will have the same costume until college.  Or every birthday boy we know will get a Darth Vader costume.  Or......


  1. Wow! Nice! See any cute little girls outfits while you were there? Kayla loves dressing up. I picked up a skirt the other day when they were only 50% off, guess I'll have to go back and look again. :)

  2. There were lots of fairy costumes! They also had big poofy skirts that would have been about $1. Oh, and a Princess Peach (from Mario Bros.) costume too! If Kayla likes wigs, there were tons of those!