Monday, August 9, 2010


Today I got a check in the mail for $8.87. Why did I get it? Did I work very diligently for a couple of hours? NO! I got it because I was shopping my pajamas! It's true. Welcome to Ebates!

This is how it works. Every time you shop online, you get a percentage of your purchase refunded to you! The savings ranges from 1%-26%!! I have found that most of the places I shop at are around 4-6%.

Say you're going to do some shopping online at Target. You'd simply go to Ebates, type in Target, click it, and that's it. It will tell you what percentage you'd get back. Then, it will redirect you to the Target website, and you'd shop as usual. That's it!

Each quarter they send you a check for all of the money that's added up. This quarter I shopped online at The Children's Place, Lane Bryant, and Target.

They have a huge list of stores. They even have eBay! Just a few of the stores listed are: JCPenney's, Walmart, Kohls, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Old Navy, Sears, Dell, and Shutterfly.

Click here to try it out. It is completely free! There is absolutely no catch! I waited until I got my first check before I posted this. So, I can now say that it is legit!!

When you sign up, you automatically get $5 added to your account as a sign up bonus.

Yay for Ebates!!

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