Friday, July 16, 2010

Great Savings on Paint at Wal-Mart

Lately, I have really been wanting to redecorate our room. We haven't done a thing to it since we moved here 8 years ago!

Part of my problem is that I am decoratively-challenged. The other part is that paint can be very expensive. I prefer to buy paint at a store that we'll call...uh...Werwin Shilliams. The problem is that their paint is VERY expensive. I prefer this paint because, since I hate to paint, I want to put it on the wall and have it stick the first bubbling or peeling or any of that mess. So, I tend to shy away from cheaper paint.

So, I have noticed a rack in the back of the paint section at Wal-Mart several times. I always thought that it was where they stored the mess ups until they could dispose of them. When I walked past it today, I noticed that there were clearance stickers on it, but many didn't have prices. I asked the lady who worked in that section how much they were discounted. She said 50%!!

Apparently when someone picks a color and it doesn't come out quite how they wanted, the store doesn't want to lose that money, so they discount the "mistinted" paint.

So I got a $24 gallon of Dutch Boy paint for $9.98!!

Now, who wants to help paint?!

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  1. Home Depot also does this. you can often get oops paint for $5 a gallon. Once to paint our garage, since we didn't really care about the color, we bought several gallons of oops paint and mixed them in a big bucket so we would have a uniform color. Came out a nice tanish "custom" color, and cost WAY less than buying something off the shelf. They can also add additional tint sometimes to get it closer to a color you want.