Thursday, July 15, 2010

Where do I get my coupons?

This is always one of the first questions people ask when they find out about my couponing adventures. They are often shocked by my answer--FROM THE NEWSPAPER! Really! I buy the double edition of the Dallas Morning News each Sunday. It costs me $5, but it is absolutely worth it. It usually pays for itself in the first week! No matter where you live, buy the paper that is from the largest city near you.

I have only in the past 3 weeks begun printing coupons. Before then, we had no computer that had Windows on it, and therefore I could not print coupons. I still did amazingly well with my shopping. I really don't feel like I was ever missing out on things. So, if you can't clip coupons, don't dispair! Think of all the money you'll save on ink!

That said, there are a couple of other places that I have used to get them:
  • eBay. I have only used eBay 4 times before. I purchased a couple of lots of coupons each time and then split them up with a friend. I ONLY did this because the coupons made for fantastic, FREE deals: 40 bottles of laundry soap FREE, 20 boxes Huggies wipes FREE, 15 bottles Softsoap FREE, 20 cans Pillsbury biscuits FREE.
  • Magazines. A lot of magazines have coupons in them. I know of 3 that I get that almost always have a few good coupons in them. I haven't paid for pasta in about 8 months since the Ronzoni $1/1 coupons have come out! Keep a look out!
I'm sure that there are other places that I will run across in the future. I'll add those as needed. Happy clipping!!

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