Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What do you do with all of the things you buy?


I always have enough stuff for our family to use, but I give away a lot more than I save. I have given it to neighbors, friends, family, people who stop by asking for assistance, college students, etc, etc. My friends know that they can always stop in and "shop in my closet." I cannot tell you how good it will make you feel to give this stuff away.

For example, today my friend Adriana picked up a lady who was walking through town. The lady was walking from Spring Hill to a school on Methvin (yes, you read that right!!) to pick up her children. While talking to her, we found that she is currently living in a shelter while waiting for an opening in an apartment. Adriana's 11 year old daughter, Taylor, came home with me after meeting the lady (Toni). Taylor heard me and her mother talking about making a box for the lady. Taylor got very excited, got a box, and headed off to "shop in my closet." We ended up with this:

Included in the box was soap, shampoo, dental items, food, wipes, lip gloss, nail polish, feminine items, a first aid kit, body wash, soap for her babies, pens, etc. The items in the box would sell for about $55 at the store. But, Taylor and I were able to pull this together for her in an instant for nothing!!

The best part? Taylor made her a card. It said, "I hope that this box makes you feel happy. God loves you and is with you all of the time." Then she said to me, "When I grow up I want to do coupons like you so that I can give people boxes of things."

You see!! Give! Give! Give! You never know who you may touch or influence when you do! You know, I'd rather look at God one day and say, "I am so glad that you gave me the opportunity to share what I had" instead of "Hey God, I sure have a lot of shampoo!"


  1. I <3 this day. It was special. A huge reminder that God orders our steps! He's ever present in our lives. Amazing.

  2. YES! it is an AWESOME ministry you have in the palm of your hands!!!! :) LUV IT!

  3. Oh I love this story Kim. Greg was asking me today what am I gonna do with all the things we won't use. I told him give it to Jenny, but I like this too.